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3" Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Tablets
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3" Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

Individually Wrapped Pool Chlorine Tabs

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A dip in the pool is a delightful way to spend your day but unwanted algae, bacteria & other microorganisms can quickly turn your own personal oasis into a nasty experience.

Ensure your pool water remains inviting, comfortable, and safe to swim for your family in by using Chloroclean pool chlorine tablets.

Chloroclean offers a range of high-quality chlorine tablets. Our tablets not only enhance the visual appeal of your pool water, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining water quality & sanitary conditions.

Browse our selection of 3 inch chlorine tablets in multiple weights to keep your pool clean and fresh and enjoy a pristine swimming experience every time while enjoying some of the highest quality, cheapest pool chlorine online:

3'' chlorine tablets 50 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 45 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 40 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 35 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 30 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 25 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 20 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 15 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 10 lbs
3'' chlorine tablets 5 lbs

Explore our selection of 3-inch chlorine tablets in various weights to find the perfect fit for your pool or spa's needs.


Why Use Chloroclean Chlorine Tablets?

Routine maintenance & chlorinating tablets are the key to swimming pool sanitation. If you don't regularly clean swimming pools and maintain sanitization with a chlorine pool sanitizer a number of nasty outcomes occur:

Algae Growth - Without proper chlorine levels, algae thrives in the pool water. Algae can cause the water to turn green, cloudy, or even black, making the pool unsanitary for swimming.

Bacterial and Viral Contamination
- Pool water can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses including E. coli, Salmonella & norovirus. These pathogens can cause illnesses such as diarrhea, skin infections, respiratory infections, and more, posing a health risk to your friends and family.

Waterborne Diseases - Insufficient chlorination can lead to the spread of waterborne diseases like cryptosporidiosis (Crypto) and giardiasis which both cause gastrointestinal issues, including severe diarrhea & vomiting.

Foul Odor - Without chlorine to disinfect the water, organic matter such as sweat, urine, and debris can accumulate and create an unpleasant odor in the pool.

Increased Turbidity - The lack of proper disinfection can result in high turbidity or cloudiness in the pool water. This makes it challenging to see the pool bottom, potentially increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Staining and Scale Formation - Insufficient chlorine levels can lead to the formation of mineral deposits, stains, and scaling on the pool's surface and equipment, causing aesthetic issues and potential damage.

High-Quality Pool Chemicals Extend the Live of Pool Equipment

Finally - by properly sanitizing the water, stabilized chlorine tablets help protect pool equipment, such as filters, pumps, and heaters, from damage caused by bacteria and other contaminants. This extends the equipment's lifespan & reduces maintenance costs.


Using Swimming Pool Chlorine Safely

To prevent the problems listed above, regularly sanitizing your pool water with chlorine tabs & maintaining appropriate chlorine levels is vital for your pool's cleanliness, safety & enjoyment.

While maintaining your pool, it's essential to:

  • Use all pool chemicals safely & responsibly
  • Following the manufacturer's instructions
  • Protect yourself during handling
  • Regularly monitor chlorine levels

To ensure a safe & enjoyable swimming experience for your family and friends.


Which chlorine tablets are the best?

When it comes to chlorine tabs, most tabs are the same as they are essentially the same chemicals, chemical type, and concentration.

Chloroclean stands out as a top choice due to its effectiveness, convenience & price point. Our stabilized chlorine tablets are the cheapest 3-inch chlorine tablets on the market - we even offer a price match guarantee.

Does the brand of chlorine tablets matter?

As mentioned above, when it comes to chlorine tabs, most tabs are the same as they are essentially the same chemicals, chemical type & concentration, just in a different container or container size.

Name brand, popular pool chlorine is pretty much the same as generic. At that point, it comes down to cost and Chloroclean pool chlorine tablets are the 3-inch chlorine tablets on the market & come with a price match guarantee.

Choosing a reputable brand like Chloroclean ensures the quality and efficacy of the tablets, providing you with the best results for pool sanitation.


What are the different types of Chlorine?

Swimming pool chlorine is available in various forms, including chlorine tablets, chlorine granules, and liquid chlorine.

Each type has its advantages and uses, but chlorine tablets are widely preferred for their convenience and controlled release.

Chlorine Tablets

Swimming pool chlorine tablets like the ones from Chloroclean, are slow-dissolving and provide consistent chlorine levels over time, making them ideal for routine pool maintenance.

Chlorine Granules

Chlorine granules aka granular chlorine are a quick-dissolving option suitable for shocking the pool or for when rapid chlorine boosts are needed.

Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine, also known as bleach, can be used for quick pool sanitation but requires careful handling due to its high concentration.


What is the optimum chlorine level for your pool?

The ideal chlorine level in your swimming pool

Your pool's free chlorine levels should ideally be maintained at 1 to 3 parts per million (PPM), with 3 PPM being the ideal range.

Regularly test your pool water at least once a week to ensure the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels are within the desired range to avoid eye and skin irritation, algae growth, or cloudy water.

The wrong chlorine levels can cause a number of issues: eye & skin irritation, algae growth, cloudy water or worse.


Which is the right chlorine tablet size for you?

3-inch vs. 1-inch

Selecting the appropriate chlorine tablet size depends on your pool's size and your desired chlorine maintenance routine. 3-inch tablets are commonly used for routine maintenance in larger pools, while 1-inch tablets are better suited for smaller pools or as a secondary sanitizer. Popular pool chlorine, or generic pool chlorine tablets don't matter much as long as the ingredients are the same and the levels are correct.


How to choose the best chlorine tablets for your pool

When choosing the best chlorine tablets for your swimming pool, consider factors like tablet size, your pool's volume, and the tablet's stabilizer content. Opt for high-quality chlorine tablets from brands like Chloroclean to ensure effective pool sanitation.


What’s the best way to add chlorine tablets to my pool?

There are several types of chlorine dispensers available for adding chlorine tablets to your swimming pool.

Floating Chlorine Dispenser

A floating dispenser is a convenient option for slow, consistent chlorine release. Using a floating chlorinator for a pool floater filter allows the tablets to dissolve gradually while circulating in the pool.

Pool Skimmer Basket

Placing chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket can work effectively for some pools, but it may require regular monitoring.

Automatic Chlorinator

An automatic chlorinator is a built-in delivery system that dispenses chlorine tablets as needed, providing hands-off pool sanitization.


What’s the best way to store chlorine tablets?

Store chlorine tablets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Ensure the container is tightly sealed to prevent exposure to air, which can reduce the tablets' effectiveness.


How long do chlorine tablets last for in storage?

Properly stored chlorine tablets can remain effective for one to three years. Be sure to check the expiration date on the product label for the manufacturer's recommendations.


Is pool shock & chlorine the same thing?

No, pool chlorine tablets and pool shock are not the same. They are two different products used for distinct purposes in pool maintenance.

Pool Chlorine Tablets

Pool chlorine tablets are slow-dissolving tablets that contain stabilized chlorine. They are designed for routine and continuous chlorination of the pool water to maintain consistent chlorine levels over time.

Pool Shock

Shock treatments, or superchlorination, involve adding a large, concentrated dose of chlorine to the pool water to rapidly increase chlorine levels in the pool for specific purposes (such as):

  • Addressing algae blooms
  • Eliminating combined chlorine (chloramines)
  • Dealing with water clarity issues

Shocking the pool helps break down organic and non-organic contaminants providing a quick and powerful sanitizing effect. It is typically used as a periodic treatment, often on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the pool's condition and bather load.

Chloroclean Pool Chlorine Tablets

Pool owners only want the best & safest chlorine tabs for their family swimming pools.

Choosing our 3-inch chlorine tablets & practicing responsible use will ensure your swimming pool remains a refreshing oasis for your family & friends to enjoy all year long.

Remember to follow safety guidelines & regularly test your swimming pools chlorine levels to maintain a clean, inviting pool throughout the swimming season, and use only high-quality, recommended pool chemicals (like stabilized chlorine tablets, bromine or cyanuric acid) for your swimming pools, hot tubs & spas.





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